Where is FVASA?

FVASA has an office where we sell all our products including Film, Gaff Tape, and Film Processing. It is located in the A level of Gannett, behind the vending machines across from the cage. We are very friendly, so stop by and say hello!

Contact Us

rit.fvasa@gmail.com - (585) 475-2177

  • Monday10am to 4pm
  • Tuesday10am to 6pm
  • Wednesday10am to 4pm
  • Thursday10am to 6pm
  • Friday10am to 6pm

We're closed during the Summer, so please stop by in the Fall!

Interested in Volunteering?

One of the best ways to get involved in SOFA is to volunteer for FVASA. Our volunteers sell film, ship out orders, and help around the office. It is easy and fun. Plus, all FVASA volunteers receive a 10% discount on everything we sell. FVASA hours count towards Honors Program Volunteer hours as well. We search for volunteers Weeks 1 and 2 of each semester. To volunteer email rit.fvasa@gmail.com with the subject line “Volunteering” and attach your class schedule. Volunteers will be scheduled for 2-4 hours a week.

Meet Our Staff

Mentor/Mentee Program

The mentor/mentee program is a wonderful opportunity for all freshman to meet upperclassmen and get involved in the Sofa community. Freshmen are each assigned to an upperclassman with similar interests. A good mentor will take their mentee under their metaphorical wing and teach them the skills they have learned here at RIT. Students can gain knowledge and experience that they won’t learn in the classroom. This is a great way to start get on upperclassmen live action sets and to help out on animated films.

Send us an email to find out more!