The Film Shoppe

  • This page contains info On how to label film
  • After you seal your film box, it is very important that you label your film correctly! Improperly labeled film will not be shipped out!
    • In black sharpie write the following on your box:
      • Your Name
      • Your Phone number
      • The Date
      • Roll # of total # of Rolls
      • Digital Transfer (If you want a digital copy of your film. This is EXTRA like guacamole at Chipotle)

How to seal your film:

  • Sealing your film correctly is imperative. Improperly sealed film can open during shipping or even when you drop it off. The second your film is exposed to light it will be ruined. FVASA does not offer refunds for overexposed film because of improper sealing. You will still have to pay for processing. So sealing your film correctly is a big deal!
      1. Locate the top of your box. The Kodak Label comes with a sticker seal already attached to your film box.
      2. Peel off the paper of the seal. Press it firmly and smoothly against your box to seal it closed.
      3. For extra insurance or if you lose the provided seal, take a thin stip of gaffe tape, a little longer than the length of the front of your box and place it firmly on the opening and press it smooth.