Screenings Information

  • This page contains everything you'll need to know about SOFA screenings.
  • Screenings are held every semester during the weekend before final exam week. They showcase everything the students at Sofa make each semester. And while it is mandatory for you to be present for your own film when it screens, screenings is a ton of fun and you'll be missing out by not attending. It's both thrilling and relaxing; arguably the best part of the year.
  • Screenings take place in Carlson is Building 76, here's a map.

Here are 3 Steps to a successful, stress-free screenings:

  1. Correctly submit your film – submissions open Sunday at Midnight – Properly follow all the directions!
  2. Screenings Signups – Signups are held Friday morning from 9am-12pm – You need to choose a signup time and bring your printed receipt to screen your film!
  3. Screenings – Be at your screening 2 hours prior so you don’t miss it. If you miss your screening it is very, very BAD! Don’t miss your screening.
  1. Make sure your film is ready for submissions:
    • SUBMISSIONS OPEN SUNDAY (the weekend before screenings) at 12:00 Midnight!
    • You can submit your film anytime after this but can only choose a time Friday Morning.
    • Once your film is finished, go to, sign in and follow the steps using the sign-up wizard. You will be submitting your film to a server. Keep in mind the connection never works well off campus.
    • Submission Requirements:
      • Name your file exactly as follows:
        • Lastname_FirstInitial_FilmTitle_VersionDate. The date should be in the mmddyyyy format. This is SUPER IMPORTANT because it allows us to search for your file as quickly as possible!
      • You MUST play the SOFA Bumper, animated or still, for 4 seconds at the beginning of your film! This does not count the fades. It cannot be altered in any way. WE CHECK THIS. IT WON'T SCREEN IF YOU ALTER OR FORGET THE BUMPER. You can download the bumper from the screenings website:
      • Refer to the handbook, follow it to the letter:
      • Follow the official Screenings Policies!
        • It’s a little lawyer-talky but it gets the point across. These policies are all enforced by FVASA, so live by them. That way we don’t run into any problems that week.
      • Watch your email for any notifications regarding requirement violations.
    • When you're film is submitted, you will be given a receipt. Print out the receipt and have it with you when you arrive at the sign up table. You should be golden at that point.
    • Notes from the honorable Mike Harper. Listen to this man so that nothing goes wrong:
      • Make sure that when uploading files to the server, please log in with your RIT ID or your file will not be recognized by the server for submission.
      • It is recommended that files uploaded to the server be h.264 encoded. This can be used in either a Quicktime or mpeg 4. Either can be used. Using ProRes is not recommended as there is no guarantee that it will play back without problems.
      • Audio is recommended to be encoded using AAC, 48kHz, 16-bit, to ensure that the audio will play back properly.
      • The class reel question should be set to "No" for almost everything. The only time this should be set to "Yes" is if you are a TA that is submitting class content.
  2. Signing up, and getting a screenings time:
    • The sign-up table opens in the cage area on Friday (the day before screenings) at 9am and closes at 12 noon. At 12 noon, it closes. The table will be closed at 12. Noon. Some people choose to line up for screenings signups the night before. This is allowed but not necessary. If you show up the morning of screenings signups you can still get a good screenings time.
      • Make sure you're film is fully submitted online.
      • Bring a physical copy of your receipt.
      • Sign-ups are on a first-come, first-served basis for both grads and undergrads.
      • The line uses the honor system.
      • Films rated R or NC-17 may only screen between 4pm and 6pm.
      • Please notify us about any trigger warnings in your film. This can include but is not limited to suicide, sexual assault, excessive violence, nudity, and strong language
      • There ARE NO EXCEPTIONS for films submitted after 12 NOON on the 11th.
      • You must go through David Long if you fail to meet these terms. Additional issues will be brought to Malcolm Spaull.
    • We will notify Public Safety and campus events to avoid any confusion regarding our overnight presence in the cage area. As long as we do not BLOCK the hallway, and do not put any tape on the floor, we all good.
  3. Screenings:
    • Once you have your screening time, get some sleep—you've earned it. And you'll need to get up and SHOW UP IN CARLSON AT LEAST 2 HOURS BEFORE YOUR FILM SCREENS SO YOU DO NOT MISS IT. MISSING YOUR FILM IS A VERY VERY BAD THING. This fails the film student. The schedule will shift due to variation in the length of commentary, technical issues, etc....But you don't have to worry about that because you'll already be at screenings with the people who love and care about you, havin' a grand ol' time.
    • Finally, after you have screened your film, and had a Q & A with an audience of your professors and peers, just kick back and watch some movies. You're good.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please send any questions via email to Or, text/call Nick at (603) 759-1289, or Maria at (203) 379-6286.